Free PHP Courses in Barcelona in 2018

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The city of Barcelona is offering courses within the Cibernarium program to let developers learn about several aspects of the language and to develop Web applications with PHP.

Read this article to learn more about these courses and how you can attend them this year.

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By Oriol Tinoco Spain

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In these courses we will introduce you to the PHP language and you will discover what features you can have for the creation of dynamic Web pages. As you know, the PHP language allows us to interact with visitors of Web sites and offer a personalized experience with little effort.

Covered Topics

Here follows the list of topics covered in this basic course:

Introduction to PHP and Basic Syntax

What is PHP?
Initial concepts
Advantages and operation PHP
Work with PHP

Basic PHP language

Basic syntax and data types
Variables and constants
Expressions and operators and control structures
Functions, tables and functions library

Forms in PHP

Access to HTML forms from PHP
The PHP form
Upload files to the server
Validation of the data of a form

Access to MySQL database in PHP

Connection to databases
Features of PHP and SQL language
Get the PHPMyAdmin and configure it
PHP functions for accessing MySQL databases


What is a session?
Create and empty a session variable
Check the existence of a session
User Authentication

Creating images

Introduction to the GD library
Dynamic images in PHP
Library functions for image creation
How to do a survey

How Can You Attend to This Course

You can learn more about the course here. You have two options  to access the course:


Access the platform and follow the course comfortably from your computer.

On Site

You can attend the course on site going to Cibernarium building at Roc Boronat, 117 08018 Barcelona.

How to Signup for this Course

You can reserve your sit at the course Web page choose the option that best suits you. The signup by going here.

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