Notable PHP package: Oracle PHP Class Model

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Posted on: 2020-02-24

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Most PHP applications need to store information in databases. Often they use model classes to map objects into database table records.

This package provides a base class to create model classes that can map object data into Oracle database table records.

These model classes require minimal configuration as they are able to extract the list of table fields from the database server automatically.

Read this article to learn more details about how this notable PHP package works.

The package Oracle PHP Class Model is one of the few PHP packages that was considered notable recently because it does something that is worth paying attention.

The basic purpose is: Create model classes stored in Oracle using OCI

Here follows in more detail what it does:

It provides a base class that can be extended to create both model classes and controller classes for tables stored in Oracle using OCI, in order to access data records.

The model automatically extract metadata for the table, no need to describe them, just set the source table and you can start to retrieve and modify records in the database.

The base classes provide functions that can:

- Create new records
- Update records
- Delete records
- Find records that match given criterion
- Use transactions
- Skip columns

Notable PHP packages can be often considered innovative. If this package is also innovative, it can be nominated to the PHP Innovation Award and the author may win prizes and recognition for sharing innovative packages.

If you also developed your own notable or innovative packages consider sharing them, so you can also earn more visibility for your package.

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