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Name: Oscar Miranda <contact>
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Innovation award
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PHP Programming Innovation award nominee
June 2004
Number 2

Prize: One book of choice by SAMS
Draw entity-relationship diagram images
This class is meant to generate images that present entity-relationship diagrams.

The entities are represented by rectangles with a text that represents its name. The relationships are represented by lines that connect the relationships rectangles.

The class models entity objects to which may be associated relationships to other entity objects.

The class can draw the entity rectangles in given coordinates of an images created with the GD library.

The relationship lines are drawn in coordinates determined automatically by the class from the respective entity coordinates. The class can also draw labels that are associated to each relationship.

The image can be outputted in any format supported by the GD library.

The supplied example generates clickable image maps that are linked to URLs associated to each entry. You need the TrueType font named tahoma.ttf in the fuentes directory. The example stores the generated image in the tmp sub-directory of the script directory.

The comments and the code are in Spanish.
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