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Name: Julian Sanchez <contact>
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  Files folder image Probabilistic  
Perform common probabilistic analisis calculations
This class is meant to perform several types of common calculations used in probabilistic analysis

It can calculate:

* Average
* Variance
* Standard deviation
* Poisson density and distribution
* Hypergeometric density and distribution
* Binomial density and distribution
* Normal density and distribution (Gauss curve).

It also has functions to calculate :

* Factorial of a number
* Combinations o two numbers
* Interpolation
* The area and Z values in the areas under the normal curve of probability.

The class code comments and the examples are in Spanish.

In Spanish:

Esta clase le permitira calcular:

* Media
* Desviacion estandar
* Distribucion y densidad de Poisson
* Distribucion y densidad binomial
* Distribucion y densidad hipergeometrica
* Distribucion y densidad normal.

Ademas tiene metodos para calcular:

* El factorial de un numero
* La combinatoria entre dos numeros
* Interpolar
* Obtener el area y el valor de Z en la tabla de areas bajo la curva normal de probabilidad.
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