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Class: PHP Systemd Daemon Notify
Interact with Systemd Notification Deamon
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This package allows scripts launched by systemd to send information and heartbeats (watchdog events) to the systemd notification system.

Use this library if...

You have a script that is started as a service by systemd, and you want systemd to restart the service when it develops an error, or

You have a long running script and want to provide a status description viewable by the systemctl status myservice command.

Do not use this library if...

  • The system is not run by SystemD (e.g. FreeBSD, Windows, ...)
  • Your service is not going to be started by Systemd

In this library

Three classes are provided to interact with the notification service:

  1. Notify is the general purpose implementation.
  2. NotifyHeartbeat is ideal for applications that only send heartbeats
  3. NotifyFluent has the same methods as Notify but all the setters are fluent.


See the examples folder

For more information send a message to info at phpclasses dot org.