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licenses allowed
what licenses allowed
php (socket) can't write data without break or exit
php socket
Php Social Networking Script
Multi Task Social Networking Script
Remove br tag
Remove br tag
Poll a Folder for new file
Script that polls a folder for a new file-or is triggered by eve
Framework Question
Laravel vs Lumen vs Plain PHP
Missing function for reads a file content into an array with zip
Missing function in ziparchive for reads a file content into ar
How to Create a PHP/MySQL Powered Forum From Scratch
How to Create a PHP/MySQL Powered Forum From Scratch
Performance php/html vs html/php
Best way to decrease a web page load time
buy elephant
where done get an php elephant?

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Latest class support forum threads

The discussion forums about other classes may be found using a link in the respective classes' pages that says "Support forum".

Subject Posted on Class
This package works fine, issue composer install as captcha_nu... 2020-08-06 Captcha Numbers V2.1
The class it's simple and usefull. 2020-08-01 ean13
Gmail application password 2020-07-27 SMTP E-mail sending class
This class is overly complex and will miss some special chara... 2020-07-26 PHP Sanitize Filename String
Characters modified by your Class 2020-07-25 PHP Sanitize Filename String
Thnx!! 2020-07-24 Read POP3/IMAP attachment
PHP CSV Manipulation 2020-07-19 PHP CSV Manipulation
Additional Features? 2020-07-18 OPDS PHP Ebook Publisher Class
Missing some conversions 2020-07-15 Chinese Master
depreciated and full of adds and pay requests 2020-07-10 PHP Ajax Voting system

Latest PHP Classes blog comment threads

Subject Posted on Post
Plans for additional enhancements? 2020-07-17 How to Create a PHP E...
leaflet is great 2020-06-22 Using PHP MySQL with ...
TABLE `pages`? 2020-05-05 How to Create a Simpl...
One could learn about PHP 7.4 or PHP 8 or PHP Parallel 2020-04-01 How to Learn More abo...
maybe 2020-01-14 How to Add Email Func...
Why should normal user model never be used with admins? 2019-11-12 How to use Laravel Mu...
great tutorial. can add a page that show all marker location? 2019-11-03 Using PHP MySQL with ...
weslleymata26@gmail.com 2019-11-02 Using PHP MySQL with ...
Not work 2019-10-30 How Can PHP Compare T...
Thank 2019-09-30 Using PHP MySQL with ...

Latest product review forum threads

Subject Posted on Product
php Book 2011 2015-10-05 Integrating PHP Projects with Jenkins
What about fault recently found in Woo theme? 2015-09-10 WooCommerce Cookbook
Helpful review 2015-08-10 Building Web Apps with WordPress
Very good first step 2015-07-30 MongoDB and PHP
Sounds Interesting 2015-07-09 The Clean Architecture in PHP
.. 2015-07-09 The Clean Architecture in PHP
review 2015-07-07 Modern PHP
Proof-reading 2015-06-11 Securing PHP: Core Concepts
Thank you. 2015-06-03 A Year With Symfony
Alternative to Delphi for PHP 2010-06-12 Delphi for PHP 2.0

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