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Subject:MODX Revolution
Summary:What MODX Revolution does very well - is stay out of the way.
Author:W. Shawn Wilkerson
Date:2011-09-22 14:03:00
Update:2011-09-22 19:02:28

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W. Shawn Wilkerson - 2011-09-22 19:02:28
Over a decade, I have developed scores of web projects and during that time I have had the misfortune of using a multitude of CMS offerings. They all have one thing in common: none of them are perfect.

What sets MODX Revolution apart is its ability for the user to make it exactly what they need, while not imposing demands or expectations on them which is not typically required for any CMS.

Is it perfect? By no means - no CMS is.

Does it provide a solid foundation to build any web project imaginable? Definitely.

Is there a learning curve? Of course, but so does every other CMS.

Is it targeted to beginners? What CMS truly is?

Does it limit developers or designers? Absolutely not.

Does it have to hacked, kludged, and constantly adjusted to satisfy the project needs? Absolutely not.

Is it designed to be extendable? Yes.

Is it a dead end? Not in the slightest.

Bob took two years to dig through a project with limitless potential and placed his findings in a "small" book. This article is merely a stone tossed across the waters of that work.

It does not surprise me, someone has already posted a "rant" who did not even take the time to read his statement concerning the fact MODX Revolution supports, MySQL and MS SQL. I believe it also supports SQLite and other DBMSs can be added as funding directs and demand is increased.

MODX Revolution contains hundreds of features, and full support for multi-tiered ACLs, document groups, and user groups. It also has the ability to run multiple web sites on a single installation via Contexts.

Most importantly, it allows a development team to package their efforts to maximize code reuse and expedited project turnaround.

In short, Bob is right.


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