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Summary:I'll stick with c5
Author:Glenn Barres
Date:2011-09-22 17:17:32
Update:2011-09-23 03:41:18

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Picture of Glenn Barres Glenn Barres - 2011-09-22 19:05:14
Concrete5 is, IMHO, a much better platform. The client/admin experience is much more fluid and the code base is built to be customized while still allowing you to receive updates.

These back-end silo management tools for CMS's are outdated.

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Picture of Mark Hamstra Mark Hamstra - 2011-09-23 03:41:18 - In reply to message 1 from Glenn Barres
In all fairness, you don't seem to have experience with MODX from your comment as you are only talking about what C5 does, and now how MODX does or does not. I don't have experience with C5 either, but that's why I refrain from judging it and instead focusing on what I know about MODX related to what you describe.

Guess what. Your notes do very much describe MODX.

Extremely customizable without breaking upgrade paths. You can customize the client and admin experience. There's a couple of manager (=admin panel) themes available in case you're not a fan of green and black.

As for your remark about silo management tools - extending the core does imply you can include any other tool or system you want. Running the Zend framework within your snippets is no problem, or if you want to access MODX content simply include its class and use its methods to fetch what you need. Or directly work with the database.


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