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Subject:body parts
Summary:skip attachments??
Date:2009-05-20 10:09:34
Update:2009-05-21 10:27:36

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inka12 - 2009-05-20 10:09:34
i played with your class and want to ask, if there is a possibility to skip attachments from the body to parse only the message part without images, pdfs or so.

... and thank you for this good job

greetings inka

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Manuel Lemos - 2009-05-21 08:50:10 - In reply to message 1 from inka12
Right now, there is no way to do that. Anyway, other people asked for that feature. I will add it to my to do list. Hang on.

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inka12 - 2009-05-21 10:26:44 - In reply to message 2 from Manuel Lemos
thank you
so for now this fits my needs

if(strpos($response,"Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64")!==false) {$skip=true; }
if ($skip==false) {$body[$line]=$response;}

instead of $body[$line]=$response;

bye inka


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