Extract specific part of text from PDF

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Subject:Extract specific part of text from PDF
Summary:Help needed!!
Author:Alexandros Birintzis
Date:2017-11-30 07:35:30

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Picture of Alexandros Birintzis Alexandros Birintzis - 2017-11-30 07:35:30
Hello guys,

I am new to PHP and I have a problem with text extraction from PDF Files.

I would appreciate your help.

I have been able to extract the whole text from a PDF file but I cannot find a way to extract a specific section.

The format of the PDF pages is always the same, so in all of them (I have 3 pages same to each other) I want to extract a part between two phrases(headers) on all 3 of them.

I tried the MarkTextLike method with no results. Probably I am using it incorrectly.

Could you please help me with an example?? I would appreciate it greatly!!


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