Having problems with PDF using Flate Encoding

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Subject:Having problems with PDF using Flate...
Summary:I am trying to pull order contents from a PDF into a database
Author:John Dettmer
Date:2018-02-15 16:17:32

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Picture of John Dettmer John Dettmer - 2018-02-15 16:17:32
We have been struggling with this problem for some time, I just found your code as was giving it a try. Or vendor is supplying PDF files which we need to read into a customer MSQi DB we developed for production. In the last year, they changed the way the PDF's were built and they could no longer be automatically read. The PDF's are labeled as either using the filter for ASCII85 or Flate. I have a test PDF file (dummy information) that I can send to you. Would it be possible for you to have a look?



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