PHP Minecraft Query: Query the status of Minecraft game players

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This class can query the status of Minecraft game players.

It can establish a UDP connection to a given Minecraft server and send requests to query the player status.

The class can send either basic or full status queries.

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Name: PHP Minecraft Query
Base name: minecraft-status
Description: Query the status of Minecraft game players
Version: 1.0
PHP version: 5.1
License: GNU General Public License (GPL)
All time users: 440 users
All time rank: 6159
Week users: 0 users
Week rank: 282
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doc (6 files, 6 directories) Data Auxiliary data
example.php Example Example script
LICENSE Lic. License text
mcquery.class.php Class Class source

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   deprecated.html Doc. Documentation
   errors.html Doc. Documentation
   graph_class.html Doc. Documentation
   index.html Doc. Documentation
   markers.html Doc. Documentation
   structure.xml Data Auxiliary data

  Files  /  doc  /  classes  
File Role Description
   MCException.html Doc. Documentation
   MCNoChallengeException.html Doc. Documentation
   MCNotConnectedException.html Doc. Documentation
   MCQuery.html Doc. Documentation

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   jquery.splitter.js Data Auxiliary data Data Auxiliary data
   jquery.treeview.js Data Auxiliary data
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   SVGPan.js Data Auxiliary data
   template.js Data Auxiliary data

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   lang-apollo.js Data Auxiliary data
   lang-clj.js Data Auxiliary data
   lang-css.js Data Auxiliary data
   lang-go.js Data Auxiliary data
   lang-hs.js Data Auxiliary data
   lang-lisp.js Data Auxiliary data
   lang-lua.js Data Auxiliary data
   lang-ml.js Data Auxiliary data
   lang-n.js Data Auxiliary data
   lang-proto.js Data Auxiliary data
   lang-scala.js Data Auxiliary data
   lang-sql.js Data Auxiliary data
   lang-tex.js Data Auxiliary data
   lang-vb.js Data Auxiliary data
   lang-vhdl.js Data Auxiliary data
   lang-wiki.js Data Auxiliary data
   lang-xq.js Data Auxiliary data
   lang-yaml.js Data Auxiliary data
   prettify.min.js Data Auxiliary data

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   global.html Doc. Documentation

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File Role Description
   Default.html Doc. Documentation
   Fremnet.html Doc. Documentation
   Fremnet.Minecraft.html Doc. Documentation

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