Xyndravandria Erozaver: Validate function parameters with type hinting

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This class can validate function parameters with type hinting.

It registers error handlers to trap type hinting errors when using classes with names that can be used to identify the type of validation to be performed by the error handlers.

The error handlers parse the type hinting class name to extract the real argument type and validation rules that the type must satisfy.

Currently it supports validating the arguments of type integer or double. It also supports validating the parameter by rules that accept sizes that are equal to a value, less than a maximum, more than a minimum, or within a range.

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<h3>Xyndravandria Erozaver</h3>
<h4>Alpha 0.0.0</h4>

Xyndravandria is the name of a collection of projects designed and developed by Mauro Di Girolamo (maurodigirolamo@web.de); he is therefore the copyright (c) owner of Xyndravandria itself and all of its projects.

Xyndravandria Erozaver is released under the terms of the Xyndravandria PHP License (XyndravandriaPHPLicense.txt). You should be given a copy of the Xyndravandria PHP License (XyndravandriaPHPLicense.txt) within the same directory as the README.md; if not, you can get a copy at http://Xyndravandria.ohost.de/XyndravandriaPHPLicense.txt . There might be a release under a freer license for a later, more stable version.

The documentation is either included in ./admin_media/Documentation/ or can be read at http://Xyndravandria.ohost.de/Erozaver/Documentation/.

All projects:


      <td>Xyndravandria Averazain<br>http://github.com/MauroDiGirolamo/Xyndravandria_Averazain</td>
      <td>Averazain is an Ajax framework supporting also JavaScript disabled clients perfectly - including search engines like Google.</td>
      <td>Xyndravandria Dyverath<br>http://github.com/MauroDiGirolamo/Xyndravandria_Dyverath</td>
      <td>Dyverath is a database access wrapper.</td>
      <td>Xyndravandria Erozaver<br>http://github.com/MauroDiGirolamo/Xyndravandria_Erozaver</td>
      <td>Erozaver is a class extending the type hinting given by the PHP engine (additional support for basic type hinting and size constraints).</td>
      <td>Xyndravandria Mondraviel<br>http://github.com/MauroDiGirolamo/Xyndravandria_Mondraviel</td>
      <td>Mondraviel is a class used to separate HTML from PHP code by firstly register models - files containing place holders embedded in HTML code - and then later fill them dynamically with content by passing values for the place holders.</td>

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