send sms to registered users: I want to send sms to the registered users on my website.

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send sms to registered users


by Leissa - 2 years ago (2018-06-02)

I want to send sms to the registered users on my website.

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I use php7.1.9 and mySql 5.7.19 I need an option for text sms to be sent on them phone numbers from the database table. Thank you very much.

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  • 1. by Krisztián Dudás - 2 years ago (2018-06-04) Reply

    You need to register at an sms gateway provider. You cannot send sms without gateway. Gateway servers must be legally registered, so you cannot just install a gateway server. The easiest solution is to register at twillio, it has decent pricing and an easy to use rest api. There are other options too, you can contract with a phone/mobile/internet service provider company, like T-Systems and they provide a private gateway for you, but the api may be harder to utilize (especially with the T-Systems, I could only connect to the gateway via Perl).

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