sftp file transfer using php: I want to find a php package that will perform secure FTP (sftp)

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sftp file transfer using php


by Bob Squires - 1 year ago (2018-11-24)

I want to find a php package that will perform secure FTP (sftp)

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I want to transfer files from my local computer to a unix-based remote ftp server that requires secure transfer.

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  • 1. by Max Base - 1 year ago (2019-02-25) Reply


    Do you want to upload or download a file? Or create,remove file and directory?

    Ask clarification

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    PHP SFTP Library: Access FTP and SFTP servers to transfer files

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    by Muhammad Umer Farooq package author package author Reputation 115 - 1 year ago (2018-12-01) Comment

    You can use this class to access sftp

    like that

    //creating the connection $ftp = new FTP('sftp.myserver.com', 'username', 'password',true);

    //then upload files //$ftp->put(array $files , $folder); //Default $folder is public_html $ftp->put(['login.php','signup.php'],'htdocs');

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